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"To have a good surveillance capability, the possibility to move with the right equipment, to exact targeting will be very important in the future years, “says Saab CEO and president Hakan Buskhe in a video interview.

The video explores the biggest threats in the coming 10 years. The industry leaders talk about the threats as well as about the important capabilities for air forces to have in future. ​

Gripen Calendar January.JPG
Mirco Knecht´s winning photo made its entry into Gripen Calendar 2014.

In an interview with Saab, Mirco says that he was always fascinated by aircraft and when he got his first camera he found a second passion i.e. photography.

Read Mirco's interview here.

Hans Einerth, Chief Wing Commander, Saab talks about what it is like to fly a Gripen and what makes the next generation aircraft unique.

“Gripen is a lovely plane to fly. The flight control system is simply terrific and the performance is outstanding. The next generation Gripen comes with a bigger engine that gives us better performance. It also comes with AESA radar that gives us the possibility to take targets farther away and also stealth targets,” Einerth says.

​Gripen presented a stunning aerial display at the the Danish Air Show 2014 Air Base Karup, Denmark last week.

Gripen C.jpg
Defence and security company Saab´s new self-protection system ESTL is now airborne. The premier flight was carried out on a Gripen in early June 2014.

ESTL is an efficient self-protection system for virtually any type of fixed-wing aircraft where ESTL is installable on a mission-to-mission basis. Depending on mission profile, ESTL can be configured for different threat scenarios. ESTL provides covert sustainable pre-emptive dispensing, missile warning, forward firing of flares and cocktail dispensing.

“ESTL offers enhanced survivability in combat and conflict situations. Traditional Countermeasures may encounter difficulties with the latest generation of AAMs and SAMs, but the ESTL concept includes a module of forward firing flares. This, together with the missile approach warning sensors and an optional chaff capability, makes ESTL a powerful shield against the latest missile developments,” says Carl-Johan Bergholm, Head of Business Unit Electronic Warfare Systems at Saab. 

Read the full story:Premier Flight For Self-Protection System ESTL​

Hungarian Air Force Gripen are in Germany to attend the NATO Tiger Meet 2014. The event is being held at the Schleswig-Jagel air base.

For Hungary, the participation at the NATO Tiger Meet is very important this year as it is the third time they are attending the event. The full membership of NATO Tiger Association can be obtained only after the third continuous presence and participation at the meet.

An report quoted Hungarian contingent commander saying, “For two years, we were probationary members with hundreds of heads observing our work. Yesterday they chose us for full membership of the Association.”

According to the report, NATO Tiger Meet is mostly about communication. The annual meeting aims to develop cooperation between air forces and NATO for better understanding and developing interoperability between the units.

NATO Tiger association has a 45 year old history during which it has developed many traditions and customs. One of the traditions is to paint one of the Tiger Meet host’s aircraft in a Tiger scheme. Last year, the Czech Air Force Gripen got a colourful tiger scheme on its tail. According to the NATO Tiger Association, the introduction of this tradition has resulted in a large 'fan base' within the aviation enthusiast fraternity.

Read the full story: Németországba tartanak a Gripenek​

Danishh airshow1.jpg
Danish air show2.jpg
danish air show3.jpg
Danish Air Show was held last weekend at Karup Air base in Denmark. Saab had a tent in the exhibit area where visitors could get information about the company and Gripen. 

The Swedish Air Force was also there with three Gripen from wing F17 in Ronneby.

The crowd at Karup was mostly Danes but there were quite a few Swedish and German visitors as well. Around 120, 000 people visited the show and they could see an impressive air display from Gripen and also from many other airplanes.

Gripen was also on static display so people could take a closer look and ask questions to pilots and technicians. For the fans of historical airplanes, there were also retired Saab Draken fighters on the ground from the Danish Air Force.

A USAF KC-135 stratotanker refuels the Swedish Gripen off the coast of Sweden earlier this month during the Baltic operations.

The Baltic Operations Exercise (BALTOPS 2014) was conducted out of Powidze Air Base Poland. The exercise aims to improve maritime security in the Baltic Sea through cooperation among regional allies. It provides the participating personnel an opportunity to engage in realistic air combat training to build experience, teamwork and strengthen NATO interoperability.

NATO and military forces from 12 countries including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden participated in the exercise.​

Gripen Frans dely.jpg
Swedish Air Force Gripen will participate in the Danish Air Show this weekend.

Visitors at the event can see Gripen on static display as well as in the air.

The Danish Air Show was initially called “Open House”. The first "Open House" in the Royal Danish Air Force was organized in 1959 and since 1961 it has been a recurring event, which has been held at various airbases all over Denmark. 

To give it a more international image, the name of the event was changed to “Air Show” in 2005.

The Air Show's primary purpose is to inform the public about the tasks the Royal Danish Air Force performs as well and to present the different equipment it uses.

Danish Air Show will be held at Karup Air Base on Sunday 22 June. ​

Gripen_NG_Katsuhiko Tokunaga1.jpg
Some parts of the Swedish Air Force Gripen E will be manufactured in South Africa, reports Engineering News.

The report quoted Saab South Africa president and CEO Magnus Lewis-Olsson saying, “I can’t say what parts yet. It is good news for South Africa. It will protect jobs for a long time to come.” 

Although Sweden had initially ordered 60 Gripen E fighter jets, the Ukraine crisis has prompted the government to increase its defence budget. The Swedish Defence Minister recently announced that she would like the current order to be increased to 70.

The reports adds that as compared to Gripen C/D, the new generation aircraft will have more weapons stations, new radar, improved communications systems, a new avionics architecture, new electronic warfare systems, new external sensors and a more powerful engine. It will also have a greater fuel capacity and a longer range.

“The Gripen E is more developed from the current Gripen C/D than we originally expected. There is extensive redevelopment of the airframe and systems” says Lewis-Olsson. 

South African firms already provide components and systems, including the communications suite and electronic warfare systems for Gripen fighter jets operated by the South African Air Force. Denel,  for example, is a South African company that has previously manufactured various Gripen C/D parts including power cartridges fitted below the pilot’s seat to help propel the seat into the sky in an emergency.

Read the full story: South Africa to make parts for new Swedish fighter

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