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Saab has announced a contest in which the winner will get to fly a Gripen Simulator in Linköping!

As a part of this contest, Saab has created a webpage to reach out to the people in Sweden and to tell them what Saab is really doing.  

The page invites people who know Saab as a global defence and security company with businesses all over the world to test their knowledge about Saab and a get a glimpse of what one of the world’s leading tech companies is doing.

One can participate in the quiz by visiting the webpage​  and answering a few set of questions.  The winner will be picked out in the second week of June. The Simulator is normally used to educate and train pilots. Soon, it may be your turn to be in the pilot's seat!

Czech Gripen2.jpg
Czech Air Force Gripens might be sent to protect the Baltic countries again in 2015, says a news report in ceskenoviny

"We are ready to repeat the mission in 2015," Prime Minister of Czech Republic Petr Necas said. 

Petr Necas, after meeting with his Latvian counterpart Valdis Dombrovskis, told the journalists that both he and Dombrovskis agreed that the Czech-Latvian relations are good and the two countries also want to intensify bilateral economic cooperation.

Czech Republic has been on a mission to protect the Baltic airspace in 2009 and 2012 as well.

Read the full story:  Czechs May Protect Baltic Countries' airspace again in 2015-Necas​​

Gripen NG Demo Peter Liander 9816 (1).jpg
Saab is upgrading its bid for Brazil's FX-2 jet fighter purchase plan, reports

Saab is one of the three leading contenders for Brazil's jet fighter replacement program FX-2, the other two contenders being Boeing and France's Dassault. 

According to the report, Saab aims to compete successfully for a role not just in the Brazilian Air Force, but also in the Brazilian Navy and hence it is seriously concentrating on its Sea Gripen project. Commander Romulo Sobral recently flew the Gripen D to test if it has flight qualities compatible with the flying qualities desirable for naval aircraft based on aircraft carriers.

Brazil's FX-2 jet fighter acquisition program coincides with a vigorous campaign by the government and local defense industry to develop indigenous aviation industry.

Read the full story:Saab upgrading bid for Brazil FX-2 contest​

Image Courtesy: Peter Liander


Defence Minister Karin Enstrom visited Blekinge Wing F17, based in Kallinge, Sweden, last week. The minister also flew the Gripen during this visit.

According to a report in  regeringen, F17 is very important for Sweden's air combat capabilities and the government took the decision on 21 March to invest extensively in it.

“The investments made now means that we secure the future abilities both for combat aircraft and helicopters,” says Karin Enstrom.

F17 has a total 40 aircraft and its pilots train a lot to hone their safety and tactical skills. F 17 is responsible for incident preparedness. The Wing’s aircraft are at constant readiness for take-off should it be necessary to intercept, identify and, if necessary, turn away foreign aircraft that voilate Swedish territory.

Read the full story:Defense Minister Karin Enstrom visited Blekinge Wing

Image Courtesy: Catharina Berg

"Whenever Hungarians hear the word Gripen, they can translate it into two things: on one hand a perfect and a state of art fighter aircraft, and on the other hand they understand and translate the word into a fantastic long term economic programme i.e. the Gripen offset program we are realizing now," says Dr. Szabo Sandor, Head of Offset Section, Ministry of Economy and Transport, Hungary.

The video shows various Gripen operators talking about their experiences with the fighter aircraft so far and how its high performance and low cost combination makes it perfect for their operational requirements. Here is a video of Gripen's success stories.

A delegation of ten people from Thailand, led by Mr. Sutham Phanthusak, President – Senator of Senate of Thailand and Poowanida Kunpalin, Member of the House of Representatives visited Linköping to be briefed about how the work on the latest order of Thailand is proceeding.

According to Pauline Olsson, Campaign Manager at Gripen Export, both the parties discussed not just about the Gripen project and its development, but also about the Thai-Swedish Defence Co-operation in general. 

RAF Waddington.jpgCzech Air Force Gripens, along with 211th Tactical Squadron, Caslav AB (F) CON, L159 ALCA,  212th Tactical Squadron, Caslav AB (F) CON are to participate in the UK Royal Air Force’s Waddington Air Show this year.  

The RAF Waddington International Air Show is held once a year during the first weekend of July at Royal Air Force Waddington, Lincoln. It is the largest of all RAF air shows, regularly attended by over 125,000 visitors. Along with flight displays, there would be ground exhibitions and trade and craft fairs as well.

To know more about the event, please visit the RAF Waddington International Air show’s website​​.

NATO Days.jpg
After being mostly on static displays in 2011 and 2012 air shows, Hungarian Gripens are all set to wow the visitors with their dynamic demonstration at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days in September this year.

A news report on the air show’s  website  says that Hungarian Air Force made its debut appearance at Ostrava in 2010 when the Gripen was presented both on the ground and in the air. In the following years, the Hungarian Gripens did not perform any aerial displays though.

“In 2011 an 2012, the aircraft has been presented only in the static park and we are happy that this year, the spectators will have a chance to appreciate the plane´s dynamic demonstration again,” says Zbyněk Pavlačík, chairman of the Jagello 2000 Association, main organizer of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days.

One of the largest events of its kind in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, ‘NATO Days in Ostrava’ is a fun filled event for the entire family with static aircraft displays, flying displays, in-flight fuel refueling exercises, exhibitions, display of a wide range of air and land defence equipment used by NATO member countries etc.

Read the full story:  Hungarian Gripens are Coming Back

Image Courtesy:​

Martin Sonka1.jpg
“Gripen gives you the feeling that you have wings and you are in heaven," says pilot Martin Sonka who is flying the Gripen these days.

In an interview to Denik, Martin Sonka talked about his love for flying and shared his excitement of flying the Gripen.

“Ever since childhood, I was crazy about airplanes and everything. I lived near the airport. Aircraft flew directly above my house. It was only a matter of time before I could manage to save a few bucks and hang out at the airport,” he says.

Talking about his recent flights, he says, “I have had the good fortune that I have flown a really great aircraft. My favorite is probably the one that I fly at present: Gripen and the aerobatic Extra 300 SR. These are machines that give you the feeling that you have wings and you are heaven.”

Read the full story:From gliders to Gripens, it is the dream of every boy

Image Courtesy:Martin Sonka

Hungary Gripen.jpg
Gripen fighters were alerted recently when an aircraft coming from the direction of Romania, heading for Venice entered Hungarian airspace without establishing any contact, reports the Hungarian daily Hirado.

According to the report, Gripen pilots saw and identified the small aircraft. The aircraft was then detected by a radio link from the relevant control service after which it left the country’s airspace.

The report adds that the Gripen alert was necessary in order to protect the Hungarian airspace and to maintain the safety of the Hungarian citizens.

The last Gripen alert took place on 15 October 2012, when an A380 passenger plane coming from Dubai violated Hungarian air space. At the time, just like last week, two Gripens were doing their exercise routine in the airspace of Taszár.

Read the full story:Gripen fighters alerted for a motor test flight​


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