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Today Swedish Minster of Defence, Karin Enström, announced that Sweden will buy 60 Gripen E fighter jets from Saab, says a statement issued by Saab.
Saab notes that the decision is within the span previously discussed, both by the Government and the Swedish Armed Forces, in order to meet future defence needs in Sweden until 2042.
This decision once again shows the broad support both from politicians and authorities for Gripen being the back-bone of Swedish air defence for many years to come. It is also proof that Saab has developed a high technology multi role fighter which answers up to defined needs on the market.
FMV has previously said they are expecting a development order for the next generation Gripen in the beginning of 2013. This means that Gripen will be the only next generation fighter which de facto is produced in the western world. This is a proof of strength that shows Saabs high level of innovation and technological competency.
We have held continuous and fruitful discussions with relevant authorities. These talks will now continue until there is a formal order in place.

The Swedish government has approved the purchase of 60 new Gripen jet fighters, according to reports in media today.

Defence Minister Karin Enström has told Swedish Television News (SVT) that this is a historic decision.

“We think it is good that the Defence now is permitted to buy the 60 Gripen aircraft. They correspond to the military’s operational needs up until 2042”, she says.


SAAF’s fighter pilot Blokkies Joubert, who flew a Gripen for the first time in 2001 as a part of an industry technology transfer program talks about some of the features of the modern aircraft in a recent  video.

“The Gripen is easy to fly. Though it is a modern aircraft with lots of complex features, but once things are clear, it is carefree to fly,” Joubert said.

“Gripen is like most of the modern aircraft. It has a fully integrated cockpit, not only in terms of display but also in terms of flight control.  The display gets us flight information, tower information etc. Additionally, we also have an application to look and wherever you look, the display would follow your eyesight and you can use that to designate missiles or to designate weapons,” he added.

Watch Blokkies Joubert talking about Gripen:  Gripen Pilot - Blokkies Joubert - SAAF Saab JAS-39


The Thai cabinet approved a 3.29 billion Baht budget for the Royal Thai Navy last year to modernise its frigate HTMS Naruesuan´s computer systems and enable it to link up with RTAF Gripens, writes Bangkok Post

The electronic communication systems on the twin frigates “Naresuan -Taksin’ will allow communication between the frigates and Thailand’s JAS-39 Gripens. Early in 2012, the navy had also installed a similar electronic communication system on Royal Narubes vessel to connect with the Gripen’s advanced early warning system, according to
Check out also the video Over The Horizon Legends of Air Power on You Tube on Royal Thai Air Force.​

fins Liander.jpg

Saab presented a successful show at Farnborough 2012 where it unveiled the SELEX Galileo Raven AESA Radar and the new Saab 340 MSA (Maritime Security Aircraft)

Gripen air displays, flown by Saab test pilot Fredrik Muchler, was a daily highlight at the show apart from the Gripen NG which stamped its authority as the best in class multi-role fighter under development.

Gripen NG with SELEX Galileo Raven ES-05 AESA.JPG
The active SELEX Galileo Raven ES-05 AESA radar on the Gripen NG debuted at the Farnborough International Air Show last year. The Gripen NG test aircraft is now flying with a Raven ES-05 AESA radar installed, following extensive testing with an earlier AESA prototype.

Speaking at the unveiling of the AESA on the Gripen, Head of Gripen Exports, Eddy de la Motte said, “We had been flying with the earlier prototype. We are now starting the flight testing of the pre-production radar Raven ES-05 AESA. We are happy with the cooperation with Selex. This radar, together with our data links, our human machine interface, our missiles and other sensors will give the Gripen some very unique capabilities that no one else will match.”

A report in DefenseNews​ says between 60 and 80 Gripen NGs are expected to be equipped with the radar, in addition to 22 aircraft proposed to be sold to Switzerland.

The highly reliable AESA transmit-receive module technology incorporated in Raven ES-05 significantly improves system availability leading to reduced lifecycle costs. SELEX Galileo AESA Radars delivers greater performance and higher reliability than comparable mechanically scanned radars and offers all the advantages of multi-function AESA arrays with significant through life cost savings.

Read the full story: Gripen NG Takes To The Skies With New AESA Radar​

South African Air Force Gripen taking of at Lion Effort, 2012.jpg

The Lion Effort, the largest Gripen Exercise of all time, got over on April 4, 2012. For nearly two weeks the five countries flying Gripens operated together. The Lion Effort exercise held at F17 air base in Ronneby, Sweden was a major success last year. 

The exercise were staged mostly over the Baltic Sea in an area roughly 200 x 150 km in size. Blue force operated from the southwest and Red force from the northeast. One of the forces defended an area, while the other performed air interdiction towards this area.

In 2011, the Royal Thai Air Force declared its first batch of six Gripens operational. Although the air arm was not able to take part in the flying during Lion Exercise with its own aircraft, it had a party of six officers at Ronneby, who observed the activities of the exercise and shared their experiences with those of the hosts and participants.

Read the full story:A Lion Hearted Effort​

multinational Gripen_Jamie Hunter.jpg

Under a blue sky all six Gripen nations met in the air during the Aerospace Forum event that took place in Linköping,Sweden in June 2012. A historical moment that onceagain marked the success that Gripen has made in the international market. 

Photo: Jamie Hunter

Read the story:The Face of Success​

​We are Gripen pilots. We make a difference – to the nations we represent, and to the people we protect.

The world’s most advanced multi-role fighter just became the next generation of fighters. Our sensors, our weapons and our performance are superior. And with the world’s most advanced tactical link, we have the information advantage.

We are Gripen pilots, and this is our story.

extra1.jpgRecording site at the RCS measuring location. African dandelions are just as beautiful as the Swedish ones.

Klargöringsbil.jpgThe squad are called out from the bombed base to turnaround the aircraft for the next mission.​

Hängning Rb15.jpg The photographer films the RBS 15 missiles being mounted. 

Locker room.jpg The African changing room is rather spartan.

Manusläsning.jpg Preparations for just another take.

Svettig stjärna.jpgEquality is important at Saab, which obviously meant a female pilot was also needed for the film.

The new Gripen NG is a star at air shows around the globe. But for those who simply can´t get enough or just want to see more and learn about everything the Gripen NG is capable of, we produced a Hollywood style film. 

We put the Gripen NG in its optimal environment. The backdrop to the scene was a fictive war-torn African nation where Gripen NG could mean the difference between failure and success. But instead of Africa, the scenes were filmed at Saab in Linköping, Sweden. The computer-animated African landscape was added later to make it realistic.

Two days of filming were required, followed by several more for post-production. But the film is now ready and you won´t have to wait long to see it. Will Gripen NG be the first multi-role fighter to receive a star on Hollywood´s Walk of Fame? Decide for yourself. It will soon be possible to view the film on our YouTube channel on a desktop near you. The premiere is 10 January. Enjoy.

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