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Swedish Gripen5.jpg
The Swedish Armed Forces might need more Gripen E to support its existing operational capacity on account of possible lending of Gripen C/D to Brazil and Switzerland in the near future, says a report in

Earlier, the Swedish Government had planned to upgrade the existing Gripen C/D fighters to the enhanced E-model configuration for the Air Force. However, it has now decided that the acquisition process will include production of the new generation aircraft as well.

“Thanks to the increasing interest in Gripen, there is a demand for hiring more C / D aircraft. To ensure that the Swedish Armed Forces' operational capacity can be maintained during this time, we want to be able to build new components and as well as entire Gripen E,” says Sweden’s Defence Minister Karin Enstrom.

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A group of 15 Brazilian Air Force officers flew to Sweden to visit the Air Force, Saab AB and Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM), reports forsvarsmakten.

The purpose of the visit was to see and learn how the Swedish Air Force works with Gripen.

The first stop of the site survey was at F7: the main center for the entire Gripen system which is also the training centre for pilots, including that of foreign operators. The conversation at F7 focused on the flight and technician training, aircraft maintenance and support.

This was followed by a visit at F17 where the team was briefed on successfully completed exercises, especially about Operation Unified Protector (OUP) which is better known as the Libya Initiative.

Swedish Air Force had organized a dinner at Air Force Museum for the visitors.

“We look forward to greater future cooperation between our countries and the respective air forces,” said Swedish Air Force chief Major General Micael Bydén in his speech at the dinner.

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Image Courtesy: Kent Löving, F17

Swedish Air Force Gripen participated in a Baltic region training event last week, reports forsvarsmakten. This was the fourth time Sweden participated in the region’s Incident Preparedness training event operated by NATO.

The training event was designed to improve participating units’ coordination and emergency procedures. Two U.S. fighters also participated in the event along with the Gripen.

The training provided a scenario in which a transport plane loses radio contact with the supervising flight lines and is heading into Swedish airspace. The Swedish team had to identify the plane/target first, take the necessary steps and escort the plane towards the Baltics.

Once the session is over, JAS 39 Gripen landed at the air base Siauliai in Lithuania and the participating F 17 team sat to discuss the exercise, share experiences and talk to media.


Image Courtesy:NATO​

Cold Response, the multinational armed forces exercise in Norway, came to an end last week. Forsvarsmakten​'s Louise Levin and Mats Carlsson write about the exercise and the experience of the participating F21 team.

The goal of Cold Response was to provide the participating air forces an opportunity to train a multinational operation in the subarctic climate.

According to the report, it is very important for a pilot to have information about the enemy's terrain. Jas 39 Gripen allows multiple assignments during one sortie. It makes combat aviation a resource for ground troops. Within seconds, pilots have a direct contact with the Forward Air Controllers on the ground who can provide valuable intelligence and carry weapons effort.

According to Colonel Olof Granander, Cold Response 2014 was both educational and challenging and all the participating units got to experience what it is like to be under pressure and how to keep the combat high on equipment and personnel.

"I am very pleased with this year's Cold Response, all the participating units achieved its goals under very difficult conditions," says Colonel Granander.

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Stödjer markförbanden från ovan​

Image Courtesy: Forsvarsmakten​

Czech Gripen2.jpg
Sweden and Czech Republic will connect their simulation centers for training Gripen fighter pilots, reports

Last month, bilateral consultations between the Czech and Sweden’s Ministries of Defence were held in Stockholm and Linköping. The objective of the consultations was to assess specific projects in order to expand the existing cooperation between the two countries in the field of defense. The central theme of the existing cooperation between the two countries is Gripen.

According to Department of Defense, Czech Republic, the first new major training events will link simulation centers in the Czech Republic and Sweden in the second half of this year. 

There is a gradual increase in the number of countries using the Gripen and the extensive skills and experience of the Czech party with these aircraft," informs the Ministry.

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Swedish Gripen4.jpg
The Swedish Armed Forces has sent extra air defence to Gotland last week in response to a large-scale Russian training exercise being carried out in the Baltic Sea, reports The Local.

"Due to the increased air operations in the area, and especially as a result of the Russian training exercise going on, we have decided to base parts of our regular incident response team on Gotland," Göran Mårtensson at the Armed Forces (Försvarsmaktens) said in a statement.

"By doing this we are increasing our capacity to monitor the skies, which is completely normal during major training exercises."

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The Swedish Air Force Gripen were busy during  the  Iceland Air Meet 2014. Here are a few photos of Gripen getting ready for another mission in the sky over Iceland. 

Colt-21-linedup-685x385.jpgAt runway, all set for take-off

Colt-21-enroute-685x385.jpgHeading for the CAP (Combat Air Patrol) station over the Atlantic

IAM2014-formation-685x385.jpgA 3-ship formation with a Gripen as the leader

Image Courtesy: Swedish Armed Forces, 212 Fighter Squadron

Recently, aviation magazine AFM took a closer look at the history of Gripen and the factors that keep it ready to meet the future challenges. AFM paid a visit to the Saab development facility in Linköping and talked to Björn Johansson, the chief engineer on the Gripen E/F project about the technology that goes into the development of the new generation aircraft.

According to Björn, when the SwAF looked at potential future threats, it came up with a list of requirements for a new aircraft, including the need for extended range; increased weapons payload and more hardpoints; a MIL-STD 1760E Class 2 weapon pylon interface and further adaptation to modern standards; an upgraded sensor suite with active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar; improved communication and fighter link including satellite communications (SATCOM); an improved EW capability; a quick software-update capability; and a low life-cycle cost.

“The first thing we did was to find an engine that could do the job. It had to be powerful enough, cost effective, and reliable and fit in our existing airframe with reasonable modifications. We basically had two choices – the GE F414-400 or a modified RM 12. The choice fell on the F414, an existing and well proven engine (2.5 million-plus hours) with many of the safety features that were required on the RM 12 already implemented in the basic design. It has more thrust and approximately the same built-in centre of gravity [CoG] as the RM 12 in a similarly sized package. Some initial modifications were made to adapt it ...

Iceland Air Meet 2014, which came to an end last week, proved to be a successful exercise barring some weather issues. A wide range of air defence related exercises including interoperability exercises and aerial refueling were conducted.​

Iceland2.jpgIceland5.jpgIceland1.jpg A Swedish JAS 39 Gripen (left), a Norwegian F-16 and a Finnish F/A-18 Hornet participating in an air exercise at Iceland Air Meet 2014

On Thursday, 20th February, the last Swedish Air Force Gripen left Iceland and headed towards Luleå.

“Unlike a regular exercise, IAM2014 lets participants choose what they want to practice along with a control on the level of threat. It is also a very good exercise for the younger staff of the participating flight divisions,” Louise Levine, a participating pilot from the Swedish Air Force says.

“Flying against aircraft other than our own JAS 39 Gripen gives an excellent training to the younger pilots,” Louise adds.​

“We thank Iceland for its hospitality, beautiful and harsh weather and the nice flights. But we especially thank for the fish, which is always in plenty in this dramatic country,” says another participating pilot, in a forsvarsmakten report.

Image Courtesy:Iceland Air Meet

Norrbottens Flygflottilj F 21

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Iceland air meet_Gripen_Louise levin.jpg
The Iceland Air Meet which is being held starting February 3, at Keflavik involves a high degree of collaboration between Finland, Sweden and Iceland​, reports forsvarsmakten​​. 

The report on the Iceland Air Meet says that the effort started in mid-December when heavier equipment were transferred followed by other intensive logistics requirement. The exercise is conducted within the framework of Nordic cooperation.

The Iceland Air Meet 2014 is the first exercise in which the air forces of Finland and Sweden have been deployed in Iceland. The objective of the exercise includes improving deployment and interoperability, providing additional training opportunities and further integration of the Swedish air force units under NORDEFCO and PFP cooperation, with a view to meet future security challenges. Around 300 people took part in the Iceland Air Meet 2014.

According to News of Iceland​, the Nordic Foreign and Defence Ministers met last Thursday in Keflavík and had discussions focusing on recent developments in Nordic security cooperation, practical cooperation in the Arctic, NATO partnerships as well as cooperation in international crisis management.

Read the full story: Rapport från Iceland Air Meet 2014

Image Courtesy: Louise Levin​

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