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On Wednesday last week, Hungarian Air Force Gripen were sent alerts when an aircraft approaching from Austria failed to make any contact, reports, Blikk.

It was almost dinner time when the siren went off at the Kecskemét airbase. After dark, the first signal came that the alert would be an “alpha” one. The technicians quickly prepared two Gripen aircraft, and ten minutes later they were in the air to surround the “silent” plane, which was located at 30,000 feet. 

The plane violating the Hungarian air space was a Qatar Boeing-777. The pilot was informed that he should establish radio contact with the air control and the aircraft finally established contact. The two Gripens escorted the Boeing from a distance of 1-2 miles.

According to the Hungarian pilots, there used to be more such cases in the past, but in 2013 only two such incidents have taken place. 

“When the ‘prey’ is a passenger aircraft, people often take photographs of the Gripens from the windows. Sometimes when a smaller aircraft is chased, the pilot usually looks quite shocked as the Gripens pull up beside it”, the pilot said.

Read the full story: Ő tessékelte ki a katari repülőgépet​

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