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Gripen > Posts > Gripen And Switzerland - A Partnership For Independence And Security

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As part of the Gripen proposal to Switzerland, Saab is committed to providing a Swiss Industrial Participation (SIP) programme that is both extensive and far-reaching. Saab has over the past four years met with hundreds of potential Swiss partners, companies and key persons to jointly identify potential projects for industrial co-operation and offset.

A Saab  presentation explains how the Swiss Industrial Participation Programme will ensure long-term sustainable and commercially viable business growth by developing close co-operation and partnerships.

The Saab SIP programme will support the regional distribution of Industrial Participation business that is built on strong commercial foundations. A large portion of the Swiss partners in Saab SIP projects are Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The main objectives of the programme include transfer of new cutting edge technologies and additional know-how and development of new and additional long term opportunities for Swiss industry.

The program also aims to secure and create new employment opportunities throughout Switzerland and open up access to foreign markets.

 “Saab is committed to delivering long term benefits for Switzerland through a comprehensive Swiss Industrial Participation programme. We are convinced that Gripen will prove its value for Switzerland and that our increased industrial co-operation will tie our countries closer together in a mutually beneficial manner” says Hakan Buskhe, president and CEO, Saab AB.

Read the full presentation  here.

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