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Saab has started conversations with Brazil regarding the transfer of technology that allows the country to manufacture and develop Gripen NG jet fighters, reports Prensa Latina.

Marco Antonio Raupp, Brazil’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, met Hakan Buskhe, President and CEO, Saab on Tuesday to discuss about initiating technology transfer and co-operation between Brazilian and Swedish defence companies.

The minister talked about a national program called "Science without borders", which will be an important tool to create the new technology for Gripen NG manufacturing process.

"The intention is to combine our interests for strengthening the partnership", said Mr. Raupp.

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The video shows the experience of Brazilian naval aviator, Romulo Sobral visiting Saab in Linköping, trying his hands at the simulator first and then flying the actual Gripen. 

The purpose of Sobral’s visit was to verify that the design requirements of the Gripen confer flight characteristics that demonstrate their conversion potential into a naval version without major and fundamental design changes.​

"With Gripen, I am no longer limited to my own range of vision, but I can see much farther away from me, getting an early awareness of what is happening, says FAB's fighter aircraft pilot Carlos Afonso de Araujo who tested the new generation Gripen and gave approval for its purchase.

Carlos has made a detailed report verifying the capabilities of the new Gripen. In an interview with Mediacon News, he talks about the aircraft’s technical aspects that caught his eye.

Carlos says that Gripen is a very easy aircraft to fly and control, adding that it accelerates very fast and can reach high altitudes with high speed while maintaining its performance.

Gripen can receive information from sensors and radars that are very distant: on the ground, or even from other aircraft. This gives the pilot a situational awareness advantage. This technology has never been used before in Brazil. With the current fighter aircraft in the country, a pilot’s vision is limited to the radar’s detection capabilities.

"Gripen is a new dimension. It is not like exchanging an old car for a new one. It is a radical, complete change. It is a new generation aircraft with new concepts, new tactics, new possibilities ", Carlos says.

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Dan_Jangblad.jpgIn an interview with the Brazilian daily Carta Capital, Dan Jangblad, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Saab talks about the possibility of a plant in São Bernardo and manufacturing pilot-less aircraft in future.

“It will be a 'win-win' investment for both Sweden and Brazil because sales volumes will grow. The potential for Gripen has been confirmed by the market, and I am very optimistic. It is a great opportunity for everyone,” Dan Jangblad says.

Dan added that Saab also works with unmanned aircraft and on being asked if such equipments can be manufactured in Brazil, he says that it is certainly possible.

“As said before, Brazil is a very advanced country in terms of its aviation industry. And we do see a potential for partnerships here, even in the case of unmanned vehicles.  The expertise is definitely available in Brazil, we simply need a partner who is interested in drones.

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​"Saab can immediately start working on the Gripen NG fighter development to supply the Brazilian Air Force," said Hakan Buskhe, President and CEO, SAAB after meeting with Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff in Davos last week.

“Our offer includes the delivery of the best aircraft and full technology transfer and that is what we will fulfill. We can start soon. That means there would be lots of engineering work and new plants in Brazil,” Buskhe says.

Inside the plant premises, one cannot help but notice the smiles of the engineers. "We have a lot of work now" says Jonas Jakobsson, Gripen test pilot.

A report in describes the simplicity of the location of the Gripen manufacturing plant in Linköping and the spirit of the people involved in the making of the new generation aircraft.

The high-tech fighter jet and the political impact of the Brazilian order contrast with the simplicity of the manufacturing plant’s premises: Gripen is mounted in a modest setting of wooden houses from the '40s and '50s, the report says. 

"Sometimes we need to paint the site," said one of the technicians. In the parking lot, hundreds of bicycles dominate the landscape.

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"To have a good surveillance capability, the possibility to move with the right equipment, to exact targeting will be very important in the future years, “says Saab CEO and president Hakan Buskhe in a video interview.

The video explores the biggest threats in the coming 10 years. The industry leaders talk about the threats as well as about the important capabilities for air forces to have in future. ​

Gripen NG Demo.jpg
According to the Air Power Blog, Jackson Schneider, president, Embraer Defense and Security, said that the company will discuss the role of Embraer in the chain of production of 36 aircraft with Saab soon.

Schneider told Brazilian media before leaving for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 in Switzerland that the role of Embraer in the production of Gripen for the Brazil Air Force is yet to be defined. 

"It is still too premature to define precisely Embraer‘s responsibility in the process. However, we will be involved in the project for sure, "said Schneider.

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Gripen Brazil Deal.jpg
Brazil's Defense Minister Celso Amorim met Sweden's Secretary of State for Defence Carl von der Esch last week to discuss about the progress on the Gripen deal, reports Defsanet

“The Brazilian defense industry and I are optimistic about this partnership, " Amorim said.

The Swedish delegation also met with the Secretary General of Ministry of Defence, Ari Matos Cardoso who said that he is creating a Working Group (WG) which will monitor the entire process of purchase of the aircraft. The Working Group should be created and formalized by the end of February.

According to the Swedes, the important thing at this point is for the representatives of both the countries to communicate and stay abreast of the proceedings, the report says.


Image Courtesy: Brazil Ministry of Defence

Gripen NG11.jpg
Saab’s success has been due to its ability to remain competitive by designing combat aircraft which meet market requirements in terms of high performance, price and delivery, reports The Conversation.

According to the report, there are many factors responsible for Saab, a relatively small firm from Sweden, managing to find success in a highly competitive, multinational market with huge development costs.

Exports of Gripen are also dependent on a variety of factors other than the combination of high performance and low-cycle cost that makes Gripen unique. . Examples include generous technology transfer and financing packages, favorable offsets as well as offers of bilateral collaboration between governments, the report says.

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