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Saab and Boeing are working in collaboration to develop a trainer aircraft for the USAF. Saab has been working on this project for a couple of years with a team both in St Louis and in Linköping and Saab CEO, Håkan Buskhe has complete confidence in their entry into the T-X competition. 

Along with the T-X trainer, Saab is working on the development of the new generation of Gripen fighters and there will also be a two-seater variant of the Gripen NG. 

"We really have not been doing so many aircraft types since the 50s," Buskhe says.

On being asked about new markets for Gripen, Buskhe says that there are many possibilities but he cannot say much. Swedish Air Force had earlier announced that it cannot lend any more Gripen C/D. Buskhe says that Saab can still export Gripen C/D variant adding that it is possible to supply new C/D fighters in 18 months. 

 Read the full story here.

​A full size model of Gripen NG was on display at the recently held Open Gates 2015 at the Brazilian Annapolis Air Base. Open Gates attracted about 40,000 visitors who got an opportunity to have a close look at the model of their future fighter aircraft.

gripen ng 35_stefan kalm.jpg

Every nation’s air force has unique requirements and economic resources. Therefore, when it comes to financing, tailored financial solutions are possible, including both buy and lease.

To download this image, please click here​.

Photo: Stefan Kalm

Have you ever wondered how great it would be if commoners could go to space? Have you ever thought if there will be a time when space shuttles and planes are the same?

According to Richard Richards, a NASA Astronaut, space shuttles and fighter aircraft are both fast. But there are more differences than similarities.

And will it be possible for Gripen to fly in space?

‘Probably not,’ says Knut Övrebö, Chief Engineer and Product Manager, Future Air System at Saab. “We should never say never. But I cannot really see a reason why it will be possible. On the other hand we have a very good benefit of services related to space or space technology. But we have a fighter aircraft designed to fly in the atmosphere. We have an air breathing engine. We have material that is not compatible. Our life support system for the pilots is not compatible either.”

Knut Övrebö however does say that Gripen is all set to meet the demands of future.

"Gripen is well prepared for the future. We have a customer who is committed till at least 2040. We need to stay operationally relevant till that time frame. There will be generations of pilots flying the same aircraft. There is a constant development of technology in order to upgrade all the time and stay at the edge of capability. I would say that Gripen is very well prepared to adopt this kind of technology. It starts at the design phase itself. While ...


The Saab 105, Viggen, Draken, and Tunnan fighters, Saab’s classic military jets, joined the Czech Air Force Gripen in a fly by at the Ostrava’s NATO Days and Czech Air Force event. The classic jets were operated by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight. “It was wonderful to see Gripen join the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight in Czech skies,” said Daniel Boestad, head of Gripen for Central and Eastern Europe.

Video courtesy: Jagello2000

AEL Sistemas (AEL) has now delivered the first wide area display (WAD) and the head-up display (HUD), which will be integrated in the Gripen NG for Brazil, reports Defesanet.

Saab had announced in February this year that it had selected AEL Sistemas (AEL) as a new supplier for the Gripen NG in Brazil.

The WAD for Brazil’s Gripen NG aircraft is a single intelligent and full-redundant multi-purpose display system, full-colour, large-screen (19 x 8 in) with continuous image presentation and the state-of-the-art touch-screen controls capability. It is the primary source of all flight and mission information in the cockpit. The HUD, on the other hand, provides essential flight and mission information to the pilot when looking ‘heads up’ out of the cockpit. With HUD, the pilot does not need to look down into the cockpit to read instruments which makes it easier to focus on the mission.

"This is a very important step in the development of Gripen NG for Brazil. It shows a very efficient cooperation between AEL and Saab and is a successful step in the industrial cooperation between Brazilian industry and Saab in the Gripen NG program", says Mikael Franzén, Program Director for Gripen Brazil.

To demonstrate and validate the new equipment, an extensive flight test campaign will be conducted in Linköping, Sweden.

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Image Courtesy:​​

Last week, a full scale model of Gripen NG was on display for the general public at the Anapolis Air Base, reports

The event was called the Open Gates and it had an attendance of about 40,000 visitors. Besides the Gripen NG model display, the visitors also got to see a flyby of the Brazilian Air Force's air demonstration squadron, popularly known as the Smoke Squadron.

The full scale Gripen NG model was presented to the Brazilian public for the first time ever at LAAD Defense Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year after which it has been on display at various occasions.

Anapolis Air Base (BAAN) is one of the most important air base opetrated by the Brazilain Air Force.The implementation project of the air base started during the end of the 1960s. The air base is strategically located to host the first "Unity interception" of South America.

Read the full story here.​

This is a step closer to the Brazilian skies. The Brazilian Gripen NG partnership will now enter into its next phase as the contact has now become effective. ​

On 27 October 2014 Saab announced the conclusion of a contract with the Brazilian Federal Government for the development and production of 36 Gripen NG aircraft. The contract has now come into effect as all required conditions have been fulfilled. Today, the order value of approximately SEK39.3 billion is booked by Saab as order intake. Gripen NG deliveries to the Brazilian Air Force will be undertaken from 2019 to 2024

The associated industrial co-operation contract (including technology transfer to Brazilian industries), which was signed in October 2014, also comes into effect today.

“Through the Gripen NG programme, we continue to build on the industrial relations between Brazil and Sweden. I am confident that this important programme will serve as a platform for new business and contribute to the growth of both the Brazilian and Swedish industry,” says Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Saab’s Board of Directors.

“This important milestone marks the formal start to the Brazilian Gripen NG programme. We will now work full speed ahead to ensure timely deliveries of Gripen NG to Brazil. Our partnership with Brazilian industry strengthens Saab’s position in Latin America and supports our strategy for growth through industrial co-operation,” says Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab.

Read more here.

On 5 and 6 September 2015, a full scale model of Gripen NG will be on exhibition at an event called 'Open Gates' at the Air base of Anápolis, Brazil.

The full scale Gripen NG model was presented to the Brazilian public for the first time ever at LAAD Defense Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year. 

After LAAD, the model was sent to Santa Cruz Air Force Base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to participate in the celebration of 70 years of the Fighter Aviation Day. Following this event, the model has been on display at various exhibitions in Brazil for the general public.

Know more about the event here​.​

It can be an old picture of Gripen that you took at an airshow. Or it could be a new picture of Gripen that you clicked this summer. If it is a picture you are so proud of, we suggest you participate in our Gripen Photo Competition and your photo could feature in the next exclusive Gripen calendar for 2016.

So, first of all, you have to follow @saab on Instagram. After that you simply need to share your Gripen picture and tag it with #Gripenphotocompetition.

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