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“The partnership with Saab will be more than Gripen. It would be a natural step to jointly develop a new product, a successor to the Gripen,” said Jackson Schneider, president and CEO, Embraer.

“We will inaugurate our plant in August-September. It will be our base for cooperation with Saab, and that's where we will adapt the Gripen aircraft for our Air Force’s needs and develop the two-seater version of Gripen NG,” he added.

According to Schneider, Gripen is the perfect plane for Latin America. 

Schneider said that the Gripen programme is important for Brazil because it is an important step in boosting an already large aerospace and defence industry.

“But it is still Saab in Sweden that will deliver most of the Gripen NG fighters and by 2019, both the Swedish and the Brazilian Air Force will get their first Swedish-built Gripen E,” he maintains.

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Swedish Air Force Gripen has now been integrated with the MBDA Meteor air-to-air missile (AAM), reports UPI.

“After extensive testing by FMV and the Gripen Operational Test and Evaluation unit, all of the new MS20 functions including the Meteor missile are now fully integrated with Gripen. The Swedish Air Force is now in its Initial Operational Capability phase with the Meteor. The Meteor missile is currently the most lethal radar-guided missile in operational service, and the Swedish Air Force is the only operational user so far. I am very proud and satisfied to have the Meteor in the inventory of my air force” said Major General Mats Helgesson, Chief-of-Staff of the Swedish Air Forces.

This missile can shoot down airborne threats launched from a distance of more than 100km. Its unique solid-fuel throttleable ducted rocket, also known as a ramjet, allows the missile to maintain very high speed all the way to the target, giving increased stand-off and disengagement ranges and greater ability to chase and destroy highly agile moving targets.

As per Saab, BVRAAM’s unrivalled no-escape-zone (three times greater than any current BVR missile) will dominate the future air-to-air battlespace, giving a decisive capability to Gripen and its pilots.

The missile has been jointly developed by Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Great Britain.

"Combined with the IRIS-T heat-seeking missile, we have the best air-to-air weaponry you can find in the world," said Major General Helgesson.

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Czech Gripen3.jpg
For its next Iceland mission, Czech Gripen fighters would be armed with AMRAAM (air-to-air) missiles. It will be the first time when Czech Air Force pilots would get an opportunity to train with AMRAAM outside the country.

“For pilots, this will be a new experience and opportunity to train outside the Czech territory," says Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnický.

The participating contingent includes 70 personnel and four Gripen fighters. Most of these personnel are the ones who have not participated in the Iceland mission in 2014 and 2015. Currently, these 70 men and women are undergoing training e.g. SERE (survival, evasion, resistance and extraction) training. The first group will leave for Iceland in September.

"Air Policing mission type is among the main tasks of the Army of the Czech Republic in the framework of our activities in this year's foreign operations. We strive to expand the range of deployability of our Air Force," said Chief of General Staff, Czech Armed Forces, Joseph Bečvář.

Meanwhile in Sweden, the Swedish Air Force and FMV successfully integrated the MBDA Meteor BVRAAM missile last week. The integration was a part of the MS20 upgrade which delivers a host of new capability options for air-to-air, air-to-surface and ISTAR missions plus many improved mission systems and other changes.

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In the 11 years in service, Czech Air Force Gripen have clocked in over 21,300 flight hours. 

"We have operated the fleet without serious defects or even air accidents. Common technical defects related to the planes' operation are comparable with those appearing in the other types of planes," says David Kudrna, Chief Engineer of the Military Air Base in Caslav.

In the last 11 years, the country has used Gripen in the most versatile manner. The Czech Gripen fighters have been successfully deployed in four NATO missions - airspace protection of Baltic countries and Iceland. The aircraft are also sent to participate in exercises like Lion Effort, NEW FIP and Ramstein Guard NATO.

The Czech Gripen fighters will soon get an upgrade which includes ground attack capabilities, and an improved CBRN system that allows Gripen to stay operational and effective in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack.

The Czech Republic first signed a contract for leasing Gripen C/D fighters in 2004. The contract was renewed again in 2014 as per which the Czech Air Force will use Gripen fighters until 2027.

One of the main reasons why Gripen was selected by the Czech Republic is that it was fully NATO compatible and interoperable. The aircraft supported all NATO priorities for standardization of doctrines and procedures, including NATO standard datalink communications plus an air-to-air refueling system.

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Join Saab test pilot Jakob Högberg for a walkaround of Gripen E. Högberg will be in the UK next week at the Farnborough International Airshow. Watch him explain the Gripen E features in a video here​.

​A Czech Air Force Gripen performed a solo display for visitors at the Belgian Air Force Days 2016.

The Belgian Air Force Days were held on 25 and 26 June 2016. This year, the airshow marked the 70th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force. About 45,000 people attended the airshow. 

At the event, Saab also showcased Gripen E.“This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our Gripen E. I believe this will be the best option for Belgium in the future, providing return for society in the form of jobs and business partnerships as well as being a smart fighter for the Belgian Air Force,” said Magnus-Lewis Olsson, Head of Market Area Europe, Middle East and Africa.

​Earlier this week, approximately 2,500 students visited the Kecskemét Air Base, Hungary to get a hang of the fighters and others systems.

The series of programs at the Air Base were targeted at students of primary and secondary schools and colleges. The senior students were the most interested in aviation.

Here are some images from the event.

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Image Courtesy: Airbase Blog

The video shows a Czech Gripen with a colourful tiger scheme on its tail at the NATO Tiger Meet Spotters Day this year.

Spotters Day was held during the middle weekend of the NATO Tiger Meet. About 1600 spotters were registered for the event.

During the last few weeks, SwAF Gripen pilots were busy at the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Exercise (TTP16). TTP is a recurrent exercise, but this time it was different as the participating Gripen fighters were upgraded with the MS20.

The MS20 upgraded Gripen are integrated with the MBDA Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile and Boeing GBU-39 Small-Diameter Bomb, improved radar modes and a new laser designation pod (LDP) among other things.

TTP is also known as pilot's own exercise because there are no order chains; the pilots have to make their own decisions. The exercise focuses on developing skills to fight in a war, giving pilots an opportunity to work on small details that can make big differences in real life scenarios.

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Image Courtesy: Forsvarsmakten

Indian Air Force Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha got a feel of Gripen D last week when he flew the fighter with Swedish Wing Commander Michael Lundquist. 

Raha was on a five day tour of Sweden to discuss potential cooperation in aerospace and defence between India and Sweden. These bilateral conversations were initiated earlier this year between Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Make in India summit in February.

Read the full story here.

Image Courtesy: Captain John Lidman, Såtenäs, F7

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