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​SwAF pilots conducted a Gripen flypast to mark the occasion of the National Day in Sweden last month.

National Day is observed in Sweden on 6 June every year. It is celebrated in honour of two historical events. King Gustav Vasa was elected on this day in 1523 and later in the year 1809, Sweden adopted a new constitution on the same day.

Here are some images of the Gripen flypast on the National Day 2015:

Image Courtesy: Norrbottens Flygflottilj F 21​​

Next month, five Czech Gripen will be heading to Iceland for the airspace protection of the country. 70 Czech personnel will also be a part of this mission.

This is the second time that the Czech Air Force Gripen have been scheduled to provide air surveillance to Iceland. Last year during September and December, five Gripen were sent to Iceland, out of which four patrolled the country’s airspace while the fifth was kept on reserve.

Air surveillance requires diligent long-term planning by participating personnel at the Caslav Air Base. Participants may be required to conduct air defence flying training missions and provide the necessary degree of training of NATO and Icelandic support personnel, besides fulfilling their air surveillance duties.

Czech Gripen have provided air surveillance to the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania before. Like these Baltic States, Iceland too does not have its own Air Force and various NATO nations take turns to provide airspace protection. 

Read the full story: České gripeny míří opět na Island

Image Courtesy: Czech Air Force

hungarian gripen11.jpg
On 11 and 12 July, Hungarian Air Force Gripen fighters will be in Croatia to participate in the Croatian International Airshow 2015.

The Airshow will celebrate the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian aeroclub (Our Wings). Although the airshow starts at 1pm on both days, the visitors will have many on ground activities to participate in and many aircraft on static display to look at.

Participating aircraft include MiG-21 UMD, acrobatic airplane Extra EA-300, Pilatus PC9, Soko G-2 Galeb of the Slovenian air force and latest police helicopters like Eurocopter EC-135P-2+.

The Airshow will be held in the northern Croatian city of Varazdin. Entry is free for children. Know more about the Croatian Airshow here.

​Royal Thai Air Force recently welcomed three new combat ready Gripen pilots at its Wing 7, Surat Thani. The ceremony to celebrate the Gripen pilots' success took place on 17 June. Here are a few snapshots.

Image Courtesy: RTAF Wing 7 

Swedish Air Force Gripen escorting USAF B52 over the Baltic Sea

SwAF Gripen participated in the annual multinational exercise BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) which came to an end last week. Besides Gripen, participating countries included Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

BALTOPS is NATO’s multinational maritime exercise which is being conducted since 1971 and Sweden has participated on 23 occasions so far. BALTOPS 2015 was led by the US and NATO, and was conducted in the Baltic Sea. This year, the exercise had participation from 17 nations with about 5600 men, 60 surface vessels and boats, 50 combat aircraft, a Polish Navy submarine and helicopters.

BALTOPS provides an effective platform for the U.S. Navy, NATO, and non-NATO participants to work together and develop mutual understanding and hone their maritime operational skills. The training exercises which include electronic warfare, air control and shallow water undersea warfare are targeted towards knowing the sea well and achieving interoperability among the participating forces.

BALTOPS 2015 was conducted between 5 and 20 June.

Read more about BALTOPS here.

Gripen 1.jpg
There is nothing like the thrill of catching the Gripen in flight. Or, on the ground. Making an intricate aerial display. Or just a routine flypast. The beauty of the Gripen can be captured just about anywhere. One such became the winning image by Mirco Knecht which went on to be featured in the Gripen Calendar 2014.

Now that time of the year has come when your capture of an extraordinary Gripen moment can become a part of history by being celebrated in the 2016 Gripen calendar.

If you enjoy photography and like Gripen, this is your chance to claim some fame by entering the competition and your photo could feature in the next exclusive Gripen calendar for 2016.

All you have to do is to follow @saab on Instagram, catch an extraordinary Gripen moment, tag it with #Gripenphotocompetition and keep your fingers crossed. You need to enter the competition no later than 1 September 2015.

To know more details of the competition, read here​.

Good luck!​ 

At Paris Airshow 2015, Saab told the reporters that it has planned for continued development and support of the Gripen C/D fighter, even though it is actively promoting Gripen E/F, reports IHS Jane's.

"We won't stop promoting the C/D. It is still, and will continue to be, a very capable aircraft which will be in continuous development. It really doesn't matter if you join [the Gripen programme] with the C/D or with the E/F, there will always be a way for us to grow your capability through incremental upgrades," said Saab’s head of the Aeronautics division, Ulf Nilsson.

As per the report, after the last delivered Gripen C/Ds to Sweden, there are no more of the aircraft variant available at the moment. However, Nilsson stresses that Saab is very much offering Gripen C and there will be options for potential new C/D customers.

"The first opportunity to accommodate orders on the E line beyond Sweden and Brazil will be in 2022. There are many near-term fighter requirements that won't wait until then, and so the C/D is a very viable proposal for those nations. Of course, just because they go for C/D now, does not mean they have to stay with it in the future - they can always go onto the E/F if they want to," Nilsson adds.

Read the full story here.

​ACE 15, the two weeks long exercise in which pilots from Sweden, Finland and Norway participated, got over last week. Have a look at some more images from the multinational exercise:

Image Courtesy: Norrbottens Flygflottilj F 21, Louise Levin/Försvarsmakten

​Gripen performed a spectacular aerial display at the recent Finnish event, Turku Airshow 2015.

Turku Airshow, organized by Turku Flying Club with support from Finnish Air Force and Finnish Aeronautical Association, is one of the most important aviation events in Finland. 

Turku Airshow was held on 6 and 7 June. 

Air Show 2015, the year’s largest military air show in Sweden, will be held on 4 July and on display will be capabilities of the Swedish Air Force and how they contribute to the overall ability of the Swedish Armed Forces. The Air Show will be hosted by the Skaraborg Wing F-7.

Visitors will get to see aircraft both on static and spectacular air displays. Gripen air displays planned would include aerial refueling as well. Besides Gripen, L-159 Alca (Czech Air Force), F-18 Hornet (Finnish Air Force), AJS 37 Viggen and J 29 Tunnan will take part in air displays.

It will be a great opportunity for visitors to know the Swedish Armed Force as there would not just be aircraft on display, personnel on ground including aeronautical engineers, pilots, ground controllers, airbase safety officers and soldiers will be present to answer questions on anything; from basic military training to life as a soldier. 

Also, there will be a ‘Future Section’ in which Saab will showcase future products. For more information on the Air Show, click here.

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