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​Aviation blog interviewed Csaba Ugrik, Hungarian Air Base Commander, who talked in detail about the activities at the air base this year. The Commander outlined the Gripen team’s success at the Tiger Meet and the JAWTEX and the importance of the participation in the air policing of Slovenia. ​


Csaba Ugrik, Hungarian Air Base Commander

“This year's tasks included the Slovenian airspace protection mission. The earlier co-operation agreement was extended in January and was signed here at the air base. The idea behind the extension was to avoid the requirement of prior authorization for an armed military aircraft to enter the Slovenian airspace,” the Hungarian Commander said.

Commander Ugrik also informed the reporter about the reactivation of the Dongo squadron due to the arrival of young team members.

“This year was not easy, but the next will be even more hectic. The activities in 2015 include the air surveillance mission of the Baltics,” he said.

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​HQ Aircom recently published some more pictures of the Czech detachment and their hosts of the Icelandic Coast Guard at the Keflavik International Airport/Coast Guard Operations Centre.

The five Czech Air Force Gripen fighters have been deployed to provide Airborne Surveillance and interception capabilities to meet Iceland's Peacetime Preparedness Needs.

Photo Courtesy: Christian Timmig​

Czech Air Force Gripen pilots have a week to go before ending their mission in Iceland and flying home to Čáslav.  In the meantime, they make the most of their time and airspace. They explore the icy, rocky wilderness of Iceland through their GoPro.

We can see a Czech Gripen pilot taking the camera, moving slowly in the barren landscape of the Keflavik airbase before taking off. The Czech pilot takes pictures of his wingman in another Gripen, equipped with live AIM-9 air-to-air missiles and long range fuel tanks. The pilot then takes pictures of the tough yet scenic volcanic landscapes of Iceland before returning to the aircraft shelter.

The Czech Air Force has deployed five Gripen fighter aircraft along with 80 air and ground personnel to monitor the airspace of Iceland till 3 December.

The five Czech Air Force Gripen are supported by an Italian Air Force KC-767 tanker in this mission.

Image and video courtesy: Airheads Fly

South African Gripen participated in IBSAMAR IV exercises which were designed to create a framework for an integrated Naval Force based on cooperation between the Indian Navy, Brazilian Navy and South African Navy.

According to a South African Navy Official website report, IBSAMAR IV was divided into various stages. The 2nd Sea phase, scheduled between 03 November 2014 and 06 November 2014, was directed by Exercise Control Centre in Silvermine as the phase was dubbed “free play” week.

In this phase, the scenarios were aimed to train the forces deployed at the sea for unplanned attacks. They were also designed to simulate real time war situations based on the idea that during war, 80 per cent of the time is spent waiting.

South African Air Force Gripen acted as a bomber attack aircraft which had to be detected by the radar operators on board SAS SPIOENKOP from 120 miles away. The Super Lynx Helicopter was deployed from SAS SPIOENKOP to search for SAS ‘MANTHATISI, the attacker/enemy submarine.

The 2nd Sea phase concluded with boarding of SAS UMHLOTI by members of Maritime Reaction Squadron (MRS) and Special Force team at Saldanha North Basin during the anti-piracy exercise. This exercise involved a challenging situation where the MRS team had to test its skills against the Special Force team.

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Image Courtesy: South African Navy Official website

fab_pilots_gripen.jpgCaptain Ramon Santos Fórneas with his Swedish instructor
Captain Gustavo de Oliveira Pascatto with his Swedish instructor

Captain Gustavo de Oliveira Pascatto and Captain Ramon Santos Fórneas became the first Brazilian Air Force pilots to complete a training mission on a Gripen aircraft last week, reports Brazilian government website.

The two Brazilian Captains, accompanied by Swedish Air Force pilots, flew a Gripen D aircraft for 50 minutes in Sweden and near the Baltic Sea. 

Noting the aerodynamic advantage provided by the canards as one of the best features of Gripen, Captain Fórneas praised Gripen for being an obedient aircraft. 

"It was better than I expected," he said.

Unlike the other Brazilian pilots who have flown the Gripen aircraft before, these two pilots will have the responsibility for the aircraft and are training to master the Gripen system.

The two pilots went for another training session in a Gripen simulator after this mission.

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Image Courtesy: Brazilian Air Force

CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) aircrew protection is now introduced in Gripen. The development at Saab has been successfully completed thanks to the close cooperation between Saab, FMV (Sw MoD), FOI (Sw National Defence Research Agency) and the Swedish Airforce. This video shows some sequences from verification of the CBRN protection system and test flights.​

The modern battles are complex, difficult and often consist of joint operations comprising air, ground and naval forces under multi-national command and control. A modern battle demands a lot more from pilots and operators. 

Therefore, it is important for the pilots to practice their moves amidst challenging scenarios and operators to be acquainted with controlling the complicated and the unexpected. Extensive and comprehensive team training goes behind a good performance in a joint operation.

However, it is really tough and expensive to create genuine modern war like complex scenarios. Also, there are maneuvers or situations that may be impractical, or even dangerous to perform in the aircraft.

So what is the solution for this?

Simulation based training. 

With Saab’s Tactical Combat Simulation Centre, crews can be given live-training sessions in a virtual, simulated environment at a fraction of the cost of a real flight training.

A Tactical Combat Simulation Centre can be as basic as a few pilot stations with an instructor operator station (IOS) and computer-generated forces and it can also be as intricate as large simulation centres at air-force level with dome-based pilot stations and several command-and-control units.

There are tools in the Simulation Centre that provide an overview of the exercise scenario to the instructors and operators and even to the bystanders. This includes the display of the scenario in 3D from any chosen position in the virtual world.

A particular exercise scenario can be controlled by one person from the IOS. But it is also ...

Czech Republic wants to lease an additional six Gripen aircraft, due to the deteriorating security situation in its region, reports

“The reinforcements are needed amidst rising tensions in the east of Europe,” commander of Czech Republic Air Force, Brigadier General Libor Stefanik says.

"As a commander of the Air Force, which is responsible for protecting the airspace, I shall seek to strengthen the defense capability of the state," Stefanik adds.

Gripen is operational with the Czech Air Force since June 2005. Czech Gripen have clocked up more hours in the air than any other Gripen anywhere else and they have also successfully conducted several NATO missions. In 2009 and 2012, Czech Gripen were on a mission to protect the Baltic airspace. 

Five Czech Gripen are currently based at the Keflavik airport to safeguard Iceland’s sovereign airspace.

Read the full story: ВВС необходимо расширить and Czech military wants to raise number of Gripen fighters​​ 

Joint Action 2014, Nordic Battle Group’s first exercise, where all the member countries' units participated together, came to an end this Tuesday.

More than 2400 personnel from seven countries participated in the exercise which was conducted at several locations in central and southern Sweden with Uppsala as the Main Operation Base (MOB).

Swedish Air Force unit members were busy at the Nordic Battle Group’s aircraft division where continuous planning and monitoring of different flight missions were taking place. Forsvarsmakten team caught up with division manager Adam Nelson who was planning a reconnaissance mission.

“I can perform missions similar to what we normally practice at home in our division at F17 in Kallinge with various fighter units here,” Adam Nelson said.

Nelson added that getting the best intelligence possible, including aerial imagery, is crucial for the Force Commander to decide his moves.

The exercise involved the Gripen flying low over the conflict area at first to show the adversary its presence. The next exercise involved aerial reconnaissance. The Gripen’s reconnaissance pod can take high resolution ground photographs from great heights. If needed, the Gripen provides air support by launching attacks on ground targets whose coordinates have been sent across by troops on the ground. 

Read the full story: Peter basar över ett miniatyrflygvapen i Nordic Battlegroup

B2FnSmBIAAER7XW (1).jpg
An Indian delegation from College of Air Warfare (CAW) visited Czech Gripen squadron last week, reports

The delegation was welcomed by the 21 tactical air force base Commander Colonel Andrew Rejmanem, after which it went on a tour of the base. The group of officers was briefed about the base, its structure and tasks and was given a static demonstration of Gripen.

College of Air Warfare is a premier Indian Air Force tri-service institution of higher learning, which conducts a number of courses on Air Warfare for officers of the rank of Flt Lt to Gp Capt and equivalents from Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Czech Republic Air Force has been operating 14 Gripen C/D since 1 June 2005. This year in May, Czech Republic signed a new Gripen lease according to which it will continue to operate the Swedish fighter aircraft for another 12 years, until at least 2027.

Read the full story: Návštěva indické delegace u 21. zTL​​

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