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A USAF KC-135 stratotanker refuels the Swedish Gripen off the coast of Sweden earlier this month during the Baltic operations.

The Baltic Operations Exercise (BALTOPS 2014) was conducted out of Powidze Air Base Poland. The exercise aims to improve maritime security in the Baltic Sea through cooperation among regional allies. It provides the participating personnel an opportunity to engage in realistic air combat training to build experience, teamwork and strengthen NATO interoperability.

NATO and military forces from 12 countries including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden participated in the exercise.​

Hungarian Air Force Gripen performs at Susreti za Rudija, an annual event organized to commemorate Rudolf Perešin, a pilot and the hero of the "Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995".

​South African Air Force pilot Captain Ndzuta talks about Gripen at the recently held Durban Land, Sea and Air Festival. He also talks about what inspired him to be a fighter aircraft pilot. Gripen's performance was one of the main attractions at the event.

“Gripen is one of the leading fighters in the world which are currently in service. One can fly at approximately 2470 kms per hour and can pull upto 9Gs i.e. nine times the normal gravitational pull,” Captain Ndzuta says.

“It is an awesome aircraft to fly,” he adds.

The video shows the experience of Brazilian naval aviator, Romulo Sobral visiting Saab in Linköping, trying his hands at the simulator first and then flying the actual Gripen. 

The purpose of Sobral’s visit was to verify that the design requirements of the Gripen confer flight characteristics that demonstrate their conversion potential into a naval version without major and fundamental design changes.​

An exclusive webcast by SVD​ gives aviation enthusiasts and Gripen fans an opportunity to experience a flight in Gripen with just a click of a mouse. The half an hour webcast has been filmed using the pilot's helmet camera.

​Tina Thorner, a professional co-driver and a businesswoman fulfills her dream of flying a fighter aircraft. 

"My life became complete this week! I got to fly the Swedish Air Force and Saab’s pride: JAS 39 Gripen! What an aircraft! It showed me that one should never give up on their dreams," she says.

“I could actually fly the plane myself. I did a roll, I did a loop, I crossed the sound barrier and I was up there for an hour, not feeling ill, nothing and I just loved every second of it,” Thorner says.​

How do you build a super computer in a biscuit box? That about sums up the challenge of creating super small, super tough and super sensitive radar systems such as the ES-05 Raven radar for the Gripen E being produced by Selex ES.

“The great challenge of a radar system is that it combines the mechanical challenges, electrical challenges, software challenges and physical challenges of all types, all in a very small volume, in a very demanding environment. And you have to basically build a super computer in a biscuit box,” Mark Smith, VP of technology at Selex ESW says.

Gripen presented a spectacular aerial display at the CIAF 2013 last month.

Czech International Air Fest (CIAF) is held every year at the Hradec Králové airport and top military and civilian fighter planes participate in it. This year, the fest was held on 7 and 8 September. The good weather attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the event.​ 

Gripen performed to an excited crowd at the NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days last month.

Even though the weather could have been better, the event was still attended by 145,000 people on Saturday and Sunday. According to the organizers, NATO Days are the most visited event lasting more than one day in the Czech Republic.

The most attractive of the eight-hour programme at the event included Gripen’s aerial display and its in-flight refueling with the Swedish C-130 Hercules tanker.​

​At the recently held International Air Demonstrations Air Show 2013 in Radom, Poland, Czech Gripen’s aerial performance gained as much attention as its special new scheme applied on its tail, fin and canard.

The first AIR Radom with the participation of international aircraft was organized in 1991. Gripen attended this air show for the first time in 1998. Besides the aerial performances, the event boasts of defence industry equipment displays, photo exhibitions, meetings with historians and aviation writers and even politicians.

This year, the air show was held on 24 and 25 August.​

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