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​Get to know the inside of the all new Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM). The manufacturing facility will be responsible to produce structural parts like the tail cone, aerodynamic brakes, and wing box for the 36 Gripen fighters that are being developed for  the Brazilian Air Force.

The Czech Air Force will, after winning the title of ‘Best Fixed Wing Display’ last year, return at the RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day this year with more Gripen solo displays. This will be the third consecutive appearance at the event for Gripen.

The Czech Air Force will be looking to put up a commanding display at Somerset to an audience of 40,000. At the helm will be Capt. Ivo Kardoše, who is renowned in the circuit for his spectacular displays with Gripen. Besides the five hour flying display of various fighters from around the world, visitors will also get a chance to experience engineering fair and defence exhibition as well.

RNAS Yeovilton Air Day will take place on the 7th of July, 2018.

A throw back to one of our popular videos, showing our display pilot André from the inside of the Gripen cockpit as he shows part of his display programme.

How important is the technology transfer that is part of the Brazilian Gripen Programme? Between October 2015 and 2024, more than 350 Brazilian engineers and technicians from Saab’s partner companies, will go to Sweden to participate in courses and on-the-job training.

During the DefExpo 2018 last week, Saab, for the first time in India, displayed a Gripen E simulator equipped with a Wide Area Display (WAD). ​

The modern battlespace is complicated and changing everyday owing to technological advancements. Hence situational awareness becomes very important to win.

“The sensor and weapon ranges are getting longer so the modern battlespace covers bigger areas. To be able to cover that area in your tactical display you have to zoom out. It is a challenge to both get an overview of the battlespace and also get the level of detail that you need. WAD gives you that possibility“, says Jonas Hjelm, head of Saab business area Aeronautics.

​Read the full story here​.

​You don't have to be a fan of heavy metal to like this video. Being a fan of Gripen and great aerial displays will do. Video by Mustasch in cooperation with the Swedish Airforce.  

​The decision to acquire a fighter aircraft is based on multiple requirements of an air force. For a nation like India, with a large expanse of sea and land boundaries, one of the major requirements is 24*7 availability of its fighters.

Saab believes that a fighter does not belong in the hangars instead it is meant to spend as much time as possible in the air. And this is why Gripen has been designed to deliver high operational readiness.​ This is why Gripen has been designed to deliver high operational readiness. 

For Gripen, an operational turnaround for a typical air-to-air mission takes ten minutes using as less as six personnel and minimum support equipment. And this includes refueling and rearming time. A typical hot engine change can for instance be done in an takes less than an hour and a repair takes an hour.

Gripen also features STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) capabilities which means it can take-off and land on regular roads and not just runways. Capable to be operated out of road bases, a Gripen fleet can be at the ready all the time to guard the long borders in India.

Besides these features, Gripen is also equipped to conduct air-to-air refueling via the NATO standard probe-and-drogue system. Aerial refueling ensures that missions of up to eight or more hours can be flown.

Saab believes that in the end it is the practical applications that count the most, which is exactly why ...

From the new generation Gripen to ground combat weapons, Saab is exhibiting it all at the DefExpo 2018 starting today.

Saab will display, for the first time in India, the Gripen Cockpit Simulator with its new Wide Angle Display (WAD). Besides Gripen, Saab products on display include RBS 70 NG VSHORAD, BAMSE SRSAM, Carl Gustaf M4 and AT4 with ammunitions.


DefExpo 2018 is being held at Tiruvidanthal in Kancheepuram district near Chennai between 11-14 April. Saab is exhibiting its products in Hall 3, Stand 2.1A.

Know more about Saab’s participation at DefExpo 2018 here.

​The partnership between Saab and Akaer began in the year 2008 when the leading Brazilian aerospace company was contracted by Saab to develop the rear fuselage of the Gripen NG fighters. This was long before Brazil selected the former to deliver 36 Gripen fighters for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). 

Once the Gripen Brazil programme was announced, Akaer's role in it increased. In 2012, a group of five engineers from the company went to Sweden to monitor the production of parts to be developed in Brazil and start planning for the next phase of the central fuselage design of Gripen. They also began working on the central and armament fuselage of Gripen after completion of the rear fuselage.

As of now, more than 100 professionals from Akaer have worked on various projects under the Gripen programme and the company has logged in more than half a million hours in the project.  Saab also holds 25% stakes in Akaer and, since 2012, is a part of the company’s Advisory Board. 

​What is the role of AEL Sistemas in the partnership between Saab and Brazil? As a supplier of important Gripen cockpit equipment, AEL is developing three distinct systems: the Wide Area Display (WAD), the Head up Display (HUD) which allows the pilot to focus on the mission and not look down into the cockpit to read instruments for information, and the Targo helmet (Helmet Mounted Display – HMD) that projects all this information.

Saab selected AEL Sistemas (AEL) as a supplier for the Gripen NG in Brazil in February 2015. The contract was to provide wide area display (WAD) and the head-up display (HUD) for Brazil's newly ordered Gripen fighters.

This was followed by an extensive flight test campaign at the Saab plant in Linköping, Sweden to demonstrate the validity of both WAD and HUD.

Saab and AEL also signed a contract for transfer of technology which covered further development of the human machine interface (HMI), workshops for avionics maintenance and theoretical courses and on-the-job-training.

AEL delivered the first WAD prototype (Model A) and the HUD in September 2015. The Brazilian-based defence electronics company has already exhibited the WAD and HMD systems for FAB's Gripen fighters at various seminars and events like LAAD so far.

In May 2016, AEL successfully delivered the WAD Demo HMI Software, a preliminary version of an application which shows Saab’s concepts for the future WAD Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

Almost a year and a half later, in September 2017, AEL delivered ...

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