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​The on-the-job training has started for the Brazilian engineers in Linköping. Their families are adapting to a new life in Sweden.This is the second episode of the True Collaboration series that focusses on the lives of five of our Brazilian colleagues. Find out about their arrival at Saab and their impressions about Swedish culture, habits and traditions.

A special treat for all aviation fans out there. In everything we do, we strive to push boundaries. With this recent aerial filming, we captured Gripen at a speed of more that 550 km/h. How did we achieve this? Thanks to Blue Sky - Magic Air, and friends, a gyro stabilizer was built and mounted on the weapon station of our jet trainer SK60. So, enjoy the fastest ever filming of a fighter.​

​​Gripen E_ For Michael 20160323 copy.jpg

The Next Generation Gripen, or Gripen E, is the successor to today’s proven Gripen C/D, and is an aircraft that is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary because the E is based on today’s in-service Gripen, the multi-role fighter ordered by five air forces worldwide. 

With about 250,000 flight hours behind it, Gripen has an indisputable track record for low operational costs and total life cycle costs that feeds directly into Gripen E.

At the same time, Gripen E is a revolutionary fighter because it combines advanced technology and operational effectiveness in an affordable package that no other fighter aircraft can hope to match.

Gripen E takes the tried and tested elements of the Gripen design, and improves on these. The new aircraft has a more powerful General Electric F414G engine with the ability to supercruise. Its redesigned airframe operates at higher weights, allowing more fuel and weapons to be carried. A unique avionics architecture makes weapons and systems integration even easier and quicker. The Gripen E operates with a fully-networked, fully-fused sensor and communications systems that gives it cutting edge capabilities for any mission, from close air support (CAS) to beyond visual range air-to-air combat.

Among the key missions systems that make Gripen E such a formidable future fighter is its all-new ES-05 Raven AESA (active electronically scanned antenna) radar.

The aircraft is equipped with a electronic warfare system that gives the it a unique active and passive electronic attack (EA) capability – which adds the AESA to the vital EA mission. ...

​Swedish Air Force pilot Philip Von Platen shares his experience of flying Gripen against aircraft like the F-16 and F-18.

​​​Under the Brazilian Transfer of Technology Program, 350 Brazilian engineers will work alongside Saab in developing Gripen NG. 

About 50 Brazilian professionals and their families have already reached Sweden. For the families, it has been a new experience as Sweden is a different country with different climatic conditions.

​“The latest version of Gripen has an upgraded air-frame and avionics systems. It is an agile and maneuverable fighter. It is integrated with meteor missile system that gives the aircraft unprecedented capabilities,” said Saab test pilot Hans Einerth during a recent visit to Colombia. He and his colleague Marcus Wandt were in Colombia to take a Gripen seminar for pilots of the Colombian Air Force.

During the seminar, both Saab test pilots talked about the capabilities of the new generation Gripen aircraft. They also talked about what it is like to fly a Gripen. 

For Saab, Latin America is one of the most important market post the Gripen Brazil deal. Saab has had a presence in Colombia’s civil aviation sector since the 1950s.

​"When you buy a fighter system, you do not just buy an aircraft. You buy a relationship for almost 30-40 years," says Richard Smith, Saab's head of Gripen marketing and sales. In an interview with Saurabh Joshi of the Stratpost​, Richard talks about the roll-out of the first Gripen NG in May, the Brazil Gripen program and Sea Gripen.

Richard, who has been with Saab for 13 years now, says that he has seen Saab from being a market leader to a market dominator over the years. Talking about Gripen’s success in Brazil, Richard says the new generation aircraft beat all competition there. Saab has offered a complete transfer of technology to Brazil. In India, Saab is willing to offer the same. 

“If we are approached for Gripen, the offer would definitely be under the umbrella of Make In India,” he says.

On being asked how a Gripen F is going to look like, Richard says that it is basically the two seater version of Gripen E. “For all intents and purposes, it will remain the same, besides the number of seats. Also, the single seater will have an internal gun which the two seater won't have,” he says.

This year, RTAF sent two Gripen fighters for display during Children's Day celebrations. One of these fighters performed an outstanding  aerial display for the young visitors.​

"The big news for the Gripen program is that we are moving into the production phase now. We can see the benefits from the model based design. I think we are the only company that has adopted a model based designing in all disciplines. And now we can say it fits extremely well within the Gripen program," says Ulf Nilsson, Head of business area, Aeronautics at the Dubai Air Show. 

Dubai Air Show is the biggest aerospace event in the Middle East which is held after every two years. It boasts of 1,100 exhibitors from over 60 countries. The event started on 8 November and ended on 12 November​.

Since 1st September the Hungarian fighters have been stationed at the Siauliai Air base in Lithuania as part of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission. During this rotation of the Baltic Air Policing mission the Hungarian Gripen conducted several tango (training) scrambles and over a dozen alpha (actual) scrambles. The Hungarian Gripen were assisted by the German Eurfighters stationed out of the Ämari Air base in Estonia. The video shows the experience of the Hungarian contingent during the mission.

The next rotation of the Baltic Air Policing mission will start from the first of January and the Hungarian and German contingents will pass on the reigns to contingents from Belgium and Spain.​

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